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The Sport Yacht company has been a manufacturer of motor boats for 15 years. The models we manufacture have been greatly appreciated by many domestic and foreign customers. Our boats can be met among others in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, as well as in Croatia, Spain and Great Britain.

Each model is hand-made with great attention to detail. We use highest standard gel coats and polyester resins from Ashland, glass veils, rovings, combimats and Airex balance pads.

Making an effort to meet the expectations of our current and new customers, the company has decided to introduce new, bigger boat models, i.e. Classic 470 Sport, Avilla 520 Open and Pilot House 580 , Sun Cruiser 570, 650 at the same time discontinuing the manufacture of the smaller ones.

In our new offer, you will find high quality upholstery made of materials from the renowned Spradling company. Sewn with high precision and diligence, they are bound to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The rails and fittings used in the boats are made of acid-proof steel A4 (S 316), which guarantees their high quality and 100% certainty there will be no corrosion even in very high salinity.

What is more, the deck made of natural teak wood gives the boat the chic final touch. The extraordinary properties of teak wood make it possible to enjoy the stylish deck in places particularly exposed to dampness.

All the boats we manufacture are well thought out and refined regarding each possible detail. The safety of our boat structures, as well as style and reliability, are the most important for us. It is proved by the CE certificates we hold.

When choosing the Sport Yacht brand, you choose years’ long experience, quality and functionality.
We hope you will like our new boat offer.

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